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Selectronics can create increased recovery solutions for you! Our experienced , professional staff and years of industry experience enables us to customize solutions that safeguard your reputation, comply with environmental regulations, and provide you with optimum yields and accountability. Selectronics consulting services, global marketing capacity, inventory management, and reclamation expertise offers you the best opportunity to recapture profit from your excess electronics material.

Our main objectives are to provide full service to our clients and to maximize their returns. We accomplish this by selling all nonproprietary items such as semiconductors (i.e. Active and Passive components) and other electronic devices within the surplus world. We provide a full reclamation service for precious metals (i.e. P.C. Boards, Connectors, etc.); process various personnel computers and related peripherals, telecommunication equipment for both voice and data.

Selectronics is committed to providing complete service. We are sensitive to our clients' individual business specifications and tailor each program to meet their needs. Our customized recovery solutions include: component marketing, consignment, outright sale, inventory management, warehousing, and environmental awareness.

We look forward to being able to perform our services and welcome you to the Selectronics team.

If you have a list of excess electronic products for sale, please fax it to (215) 468-8487 or email it to




If you can afford to keep your surplus material in inventory and do not need an immediate write-off, this is the program we currently favor, as it allows both parties to participate in profits from surplus sales. We have experienced personnel dedicated solely to inventory management who can join you at your location to inspect, identify, itemize, count and categorize all your excess material. Our inventory managers are trained to identify and separate parts that are generic from those that are customized and without resale value. If you prefer, we can perform the inspection and inventory in our own warehouse.


  • Warehousing and Inventory Management provided at no extra cost to you. You receive periodic accounting statements and you may audit the process upon request.
  • You benefit from SELECTRONICS' unique surplus marketing niche built on more than 20 years of success - enhancing the chances the material can be sold off quickly in large lots, maximizing profit potential.
  • Your purchasing department is not distracted by the task of marketing surplus, nor is the surplus relegated to warehouse personnel who are not knowledgeable in the value of excess material.
  • You maintain complete anonymity since consigned goods can be warehoused and shipped by SELECTRONICS and not directly from your company. Moreover, SELECTRONICS further ensures anonymity by removing and destroying any packaging material that bears your company name or logo.
  • We can send a qualified inventory manager to your warehouse to inspect uninventoried material. Our inventory manager can identify which parts are generic and which are customized and without resale value.
  • We can hold your material for a pre-determined amount of time, in conjunction with a program or as a separate continual service. You may, during this time, choose to take back a portion of the inventory for proprietary use before listing the rest for consignment.
  • The fee for this storage is a suggested 5% increase in SELECTRONICS' portion of the agreed upon revenue split, for each month the material is warehoused, or any other mutually agreed upon amount.
  • We will take your scrap (plastic and metal) along with the material for resale. We will dispose of it for you, at no added cost, in an EPA approved manner. For all material that is sensitive and proprietary we will issue a certificate of destruction as required.
  • Electronic material taken on consignment is always sold. Parts are never returned to the vendor unless specifically requested.
Consignment generally yields the highest return to the seller, because of the opportunity to participate in the market fluctuations that drive up resale prices. In an outright sale you may recapture a mere twenty cents on the dollar for many components, in the absence of an industry wide shortage at the moment of the sale. Through consignment, on the other hand, you could realize up to 120-130% recovery on book value on certain components if sold in the market. Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed critical shortages in both active and passive components that resulted in our clients recovering 200-300% of the value carried on their books.

Of course, as you know, the general rule is that passive and discrete components have traditionally had a much lower resale value and require greater effort to sell. Trends over the past ten years show the greatest windfall profits from printed circuit boards, microprocessors, memory, linear and occasionally digital logic.

In all cases, you will benefit from our marketing experience and many worldwide contacts that keep us abreast of the latest trends.

If you cannot allocate funds or space to long-term inventory management of your surplus and you would welcome an immediate write-off, a lot sale may well be the answer for you. SELECTRONICS would factor in the important pieces, the slow-moving items and the scrap, to provide you with a lot bid or a line-item bid at your request. You would free up space, realize immediate cash profit and have a single write-off for accounting purposes.
Return on investment is generally poor for the seller, 10-20 cents on the dollar, given that there is no participation in any future revenues generated by price fluctuations in the secondary market. Of course, recoveries could be significantly higher if an industry shortage exists at the time your merchandise goes out for bid.
If you feel strongly about participating in the potential for profit offered by consignment, but are restricted by considerations of space, inventory management, or accounting procedures, consult our experts. We may be able to customize a program to meet all your corporate objectives.